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Shumard Oak - Bareroot

Shumard Oak - Bareroot

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A red oak considered to be relatively fast growing. This tree provides brilliant autumn color with leaves that turn scarlet red in the fall. Shumard oak is adapted to a variety of sites but prefers deep soils.

Latin Name Quercus shumardii
Tree Size Large (30-55 feet)
Hardiness Texas Zones 6-9
Leaf Type Deciduous
Growth Rate Rapid
Soil Needs Any texture; avoid alkaline soils; prefers good drainage
Tolerances Drought
Attributes Texas native; reliable fall color; acorns eaten by wildlife
Features Young trees have 'candelabra' shape; fall color is orange to deep red
Problems Susceptibility to oak wilt is a serious disease problem in some parts of Texas
Comments Prefers acidic to mildly-alkaline, well-drained soils
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