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Honeylocust - Container

Honeylocust - Container

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(for 25 seedlings)

A Texas native, the honeylocust is tolerant of many soil and moisture conditions. It also produces an abundance of seed pods that are utilized by wildlife species.

Latin Name Gleditsia triacanthos
Tree Size Large (30-40 feet)
Texas Zones 7-9
Leaf Type Deciduous
Growth Rate Rapid
Soil Needs Tolerates a wide variety of soil and moisture conditions
Tolerances Salty soil or sea-spray; drought; poorly-drained sites; alkaline soils (pH > 7.5)
Attributes Texas native; reliable fall color; attractive seeds or fruit; seeds or fruit eaten by wildlife
Features Wildlife eat seed pods; fine-textured leaves turn yellow in the fall
Problems Native variety has nasty thorns; seed pods can be messy
Comments Will shed limbs to survive drought

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