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Bur Oak - Bareroot

Bur Oak - Bareroot

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(for 25 seedlings)

Excellent windbreak tree considered to be moderately fast growing. Produces strong tap root and heavy strong branches. Large acorn is favorite food of squirrel and deer.

Latin Name Quercus macrocarpa
Tree Size Large (40-60 feet)
Hardiness Texas Zones 6-9
Leaf Type Deciduous
Growth Rate Moderate to rapid
Soil Needs Adaptable, but prefers deep soils
Tolerances Drought; alkaline soils
Attributes Texas native; reliable fall color; acorns eaten by wildlife
Features Unique leaf shape; large acorn is enclosed in a fuzzy cap; largest leaf and acorn of any oak
Acorns and leaves can pose a significant clean-up chore
Comments Excellent, drought-tolerant native tree
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